Rockin out

30 Jun

My my those stone henge rocks are in a random spot. They are literally in the middle of a big field in the Wiltshire countryside. The stones are huge and really cool to see. No one knows how and why the rocks were placed there. There are several theories that address that question, ranging from them being a huge sun dial calendar to aliens or the devil putting them there . Archeologists have been able to use radiocarbon dating which suggest that the first stones were erected in 2400 – 2200 BC, but some people think that they date back even further to 3000 BC. The area is surrounded by ancient burial mounds which can be dated to that time period so many think that the henge has religious ties. They do know that the some of the rocks came from an area in Wales where the exact mineral makeup of the rocks can be traced. How on earth did they get the rocks all the way to where they are now? No idea.






We had Mexican for dinner and then went out in Southampton with a bunch of Ashley’s friends. The bar we went to is the old hotel where Titanic passengers stayed before they got on the boat. I fell in love with Apple and Pear ciders. I noticed that there are truly all ages at the bars, from young kids who are most definitely not 21 to the older moms out on girls night. Also the men in Europe really like to get down on the dance floor. I couldn’t keep up with Ashley’s guy friends. I’m a little sore from dancing today.


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