True tourists

28 Jun

We began our day by going out to the Olympic park. I think London may be in trouble because it doesn’t look anywhere near done and there’s less than a month until the opening ceremonies. I will say that the area around the park looks great, all new stores and the tube station was newly redone. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have nightmares of the one eyed cyclopes animated thing that is the Olympics mascot. I don’t know how they come up with these things. What happened to a cute little bear or tiger?




We went to the London tower next. We took a tour and the tour guide was hysterical. Very tongue in cheek with his humor and he thought I was European. We saw the crown jewels on display and sadly I couldn’t get my hands on any of them.



You could see both the London bridge and the tower bridge from the London tower. I will say that the London bridge was quite disappointing for all the hype that the song created. The tower bridge was really pretty and they just hung the olympic rings on it.

Next we went to see st Paul’s cathedral. It was class field trip central. Kids just running all over the place.



Trafalgar square was next on our agenda. Theres a huge monument there with 2 small reflective pools and a ton of pigeons. I was pretty nervous about being pooped on but got away clean. They also have a live countdown to the olympic opening ceremonies there.




Next we went to the british museum. It has a ton of historic artifacts from ancient egypt, Greece and many other areas. It’s home to the Rosetta stone
Which is literally a big stone that has a message from a king in 196 BCE written in 3 different languages. Must be why Rosetta stone is a language teaching company. There was also a Picasso exhibit that was there as a special short term exhibit. We checked it out and he had quite the twisting sexual mind. I was a little surprised not to see any of his odd distortions like an ear and one eye on the front of the face.

They also had a small gallery which had the London Olympic gold metals.


Finally we went to Wimbledon. I had a minor bad behavior meltdown when we realized how long the queue was to get in. This girl was a tired hungry mess. Time to go home and get to bed. Tomorrow were going to Stonehenge .


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