26 Jun

I just wrote a really good story about what we did in Bath today and then I hit a button on my computer and it disappeared and I am extremely upset right now. Ok so today we went to Bath which was about 2 hours away. First we went to the Roman Baths. They reminded me a lot of Pompeii (odd I know). They have a natural hot spring which gets up to 114 degrees. Most of the bath is ruins, but some is preserved and very neat to see. The water didn’t smell nearly as much of sulfur as I was expecting. I wanted to jump in for a swim in the warm water but resisted since it had a greenish brown hue to it.



Then we went to the Bath Abbey. It’s the last remaining Medieval Church in England. It’s really big. and old.


We had a quick lunch at a local bakery spot that had all sorts of baguettes made into sandwiches. I had a humus and veggie one and it was fabulous. I’ve also fallen hard for this candy/dessert called ‘butter tablet’ which looks like it’s fudge but is more like maple sugar candy. It tastes like the brown sugar and butter mixed when you’re making cookies, except it’s hard. Yummmmm sugar!

Next we went to the Royal Crescent and Circus. They appear to be the same type of thing, townhouses designed by John Wood in Georgian style architecture in the 1760’s. The circus has no elephants or acrobats which was quite disappointing.



Next we went to see the Pulteney Bridge which is one of only a few historic bridges in the world that has shops built into it.


Finally we wandered about the town and found a nice mall. Courtney and I played the who can find the craziest outfit game. We found an adult onesie which was covered with an American flag. London tomorrow and Thursday!


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