24 Jun

Up and at em bright and early this morning and off to the famous St. Andrews golf course. On Sundays the Old Course, where golf was invented, is open to the public to walk around on. Naturally it was rainy, extremely windy and cold. Golfers are insane to think chasing around a little ball in this weather is fun. There are 7 courses at St. Andrews but the Old Course is the famous, most popular one. We walked around the 18th hole and took pictures. I borrowed some poor guy’s golf clubs (he was on his way to play another course) and pretended to play. We found a sand trap and if I fell in it I’d have a very hard time getting out. I think I’d shoot an 800 trying to get a ball out of there.



Ashley and I ran into the north sea just to say we did. Don’t worry we had on our hunters and didn’t get wet. The water was very cold.

Next we drove to edinburgh for the afternoon. It was about an hour and a half drive and was really pretty since the Scottish landscape is very lush and green. We saw some really hairy sheep and cows. They make a lot of (plaid) wool and cashmere here. In Edinburgh we climbed up the hill to the castle and walked around that for a while. It’s very gothic and you can tell it was built in the middle ages. The town itself has similar arcitecture and almost a creepy dark feel to it.






Every clan has their own pattern of plaid that they make their kilts with. I found lindsays. We also saw William Wallace and a bag pipe player.


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